Skinning Tutorial – Beak to Tail

Led by Jeremy Johnson of Meddling with Nature, this class is a skinning tutorial on the methods for skinning birds. In this case, we are using a dove that died of natural causes in an aviary. Wanna preview? Check out the video below.

We will cover:

  • Muscle and skeletal overview
  • Skinning methods for various projects
  • In-depth exploration of the organ system
  • Special considerations and safety regarding specimens
  • Picking up roadkill and how to tell if its good to use

This is a detailed demonstration that allows for some class participation. This process is actually not nearly as bloody as most people think. Once the heart stops pumping, the blood stops flowing.

This is a companion class to our other courses; Cat skinning and Making New Friends. The cat skinning class covers the same material but with a cat, which has a very very different process and anatomy. Click HERE for more info. Our Making New Friends course involves the techniques and materials taxidermists use to create sculptures. We will cover elements from all animal families. Of course, this class will also teach you loads of stuff about sculpting in general.

Hosted by our friendly neighborhood oddities and record shop, HAIL – Records & Oddities in Covington KY.