Scorpion Mounting Workshop

Event Date – May 21, 2017
Learn how to mount and display your very own scorpion! (Heterometrus cyaneus) The Meddling with Nature crew will show you the ins and outs of preserving, mounting and displaying these pinchy pokey little critters. Meddlers big and small, armed with their new found knowledge, will enjoy this DIY opportunity to mount and take home your very own exotic specimen.

This workshop is part insect positioning and part taxidermy. These little babies are so large you can actually stuff them if you so desire! From claw to stinger they are about 6 inches long.

All materials to mount specimen are provided. Frames, bell jars, and wood bases will be available for purchase, or you can simply adhere them to your ceiling for that perfect accent piece. 😉

Hosted by our friendly neighborhood oddities and record shop, HAIL – Records & Oddities in Covington KY.